Reuben Zuazua

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Whitney Merryman

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About Zeta Photography

Reuben started his career as a Paramedic Firefighter. Dealing with the stress of life, work, and family, he picked up his dad's film camera and began to shoot. Once the images came back he was hooked on shooting film. Today's demands of social media and the human nature to want now he's also learned to provide ever lasting prints, album heirlooms along with digital images as well. Being a Hybrid shooter he is able to capture a clients creative vision using mood boards and a custom film book that he created through countless frames of film both good and bad to arrive at a unique style of work. 

Whitney got started while on location during photo shoots. She starting to capture the behind the scenes of family members and enjoyed the natural side of photography. Together this team is able to photograph, edit, and distribute your printed images to make this truly a unique experience. Book now. 

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